Your experienced Gastroenterology practice in Townsville

We focus on helping you to understand your medical concerns and offer informed advice at our medical practice in Pimlico. It is inevitable that there are sometimes different views on medical treatments.  That is why we are transparent in laying out all of the information clearly, so that you can make an informed choice about what is best for you.

Prevention is better than a cure.

A large part of Gastroenterology is the prevention of cancer and we take this seriously. The commonest cause of cancer death in non smoking males and second most common in non smoking females is bowel cancer. This is largely preventable by screening. 

Complications of obesity and the associated metabolic syndrome are the commonest causes of premarture death in our society and your premature death may well be avoidable. This includes heart attacks, strokes, diabetes, many cancers and numerous other life threatending conditions. We make up to date patient education a top priority for those of you who are interested.

Weight loss options that work.

There is a lot of misinformation out there telling you how to lose weight. The primary focus for those generating this information for you is your wallet, not your girth. You know short term diets don't work. We aim to provide you with advise based on the scientific and medical literature, things that have been proven to work in the long term, not short term solutions which are likely to make the problem worse. 

Our doctors stay at the cutting edge of new therapies and are actively involved in research into new options which may help. Feel free to discuss this with them if you are interested

Informed and up to date medical advice.

At our medical practice in Pimlico, we keep our staff up-to-date with medical innovations, discoveries and treatments and engage in constant learning. Change happens at a rapid pace within our industry, so we need to be constantly aware of what is going on in the field in order to provide the most accurate and reliable medical services.

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