Frequently asked questions and comments

Can I take my normal medication?

Yes, take your medication as normal but if you are on Iron tablets, then these need to be ceased a week before hand. Please take your blood thinning medication as prescribed. If you take evening medication then take this just prior to going to bed the night before the procedure, and take any morning medication in with you to have after the procedure, otherwise the medication will probably wash out of your system with the preparation for the colonoscopy. 

If you are having a gastroscopy then take your morning medication with a small amount of water just before the drinking cut off on your instructions.


Will I get a report back?

Yes, you will receive a report on the day or it will be posted to you.


When can I make an appointment with my GP?

Bearing in mind that there may be some samples sent away for pathology, the pathology report will take approximately three days so follow up appointments will have to be made accordingly. On a rare occasion, some results take a little longer.


How long am I there for?

Four to five hours.


Do I need a referral to make an appointment?

Yes, we will need a referral on file before making any appointments.


Your form does not mention the three-day low fibre diet prior to having my colonoscopy performed. Do we still need to do this?

No, as the clear fluid period is now extended, it is found to be more effective in clearing you out.


How many days do I require to take off work?

You should only need the day off in which you are physically having the procedure performed. Your main preparation which causes the diarrhea does not commence until after hours the night before. If you do drive for a living, however, due to the sedation, you will not be able to drive for the following 24 hours and so you may need the day off following the procedure or perform other duties aside from driving a vehicle.


I don't have anyone at home to care for me after the procedure as recommended on your forms. Can I still have my procedure performed?

The Townsville Day Surgery have a duty of care to ensure hat you will not experience any post-surgery complications without having any supervision. If you are in the situation where nobody can be with you or check in on you, there is the option of having your procedure performed without sedation or we can offer you an inpatient stay at the Mater Hospital.


Where do I send my forms?

Your Townsville Day Surgery admission form will need to be returned one week prior to the procedure either back to the Townsville Day Surgery or to the Mater Hospital if that is where your procedure is being performed. You should bring your consent forms with you on the day of the procedure.


What is my out of pocket expense for my procedure?

If you have private health care with hospital cover, your only out-of-pocket expense will be your hospital excess (if you have one), payable on the day of your procedure. If not insured, a small fee is payable to Dr. Fairley's rooms prior to your procedure to cover the costs of the Gastroenterologist and Sedationist. The Day Surgery fee is also payable the day of your procedure. PLEASE NOTE THAT YOU ARE PAYING WHAT YOUR PRIVATE HEALTH WOULD NORMALLY PAY FOR THE SERVICE, AND IS THEREFORE NOT CLAIMABLE THROUGH MEDICARE. Dr. Fairley does not charge above the schedule fee.